This iPhone app uses artificial intelligence to warn you if you are drunk -


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Sunday, 6 May 2018

This iPhone app uses artificial intelligence to warn you if you are drunk

Technology can always be an ally of security, in fact, it should be. It is true that we do not finish to conceive the way in which it can work in a responsible way, because there is always someone who wants to take advantage of it, but we have in our hands the power to make the world a little safer . And never better said, because the tool that could help us a little with this task could be your own iPhone.

Apple has long been investigating the possible use of artificial intelligence in their phones, in fact, inside the latest iPhone we can find a chip designed specifically to facilitate this type of use in their devices. However, what we did not know is that it could be used in such a curious and interesting way. Specifically, so that our phone can know if we are drunk or not.

The AlcoGait project is a project created by the WPI or Worcester Polytechnic Institute in order to accurately detect a possible user drunk from his way of walking. Using the accelerometer, as well as the gyroscope of the phone, and added to the automatic learning of artificial intelligence, this application would be able to recognize the pattern of behavior of a person who has drunk more than necessary, in order to prevent it from continuing maintaining those erratic behaviors.

This type of tools would be especially useful in the case of road safety. We have already seen in the past how they have tried to create devices capable of blocking the car in case the user is unable to use it, but it is difficult to think of someone who is willing to put something like that in their car. With AlcoGait, nobody would have an excuse , and maybe we could find a good use for the artificial intelligence of our phones, beyond improving our photos .

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