This is how the new colors of the iPhone 2018 would look -


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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

This is how the new colors of the iPhone 2018 would look

We've been talking a lot about this year's iPhone. If nothing goes wrong, rumors indicate that we will have three iPhone X models , or whatever you want to call it. On the one hand we would have a model similar to the current one and an iPhone X Plus model. And on the other a new device with the same design but with a better price.

This could cause iPhone sales to grow again, something that Apple needs . But another thing that could improve sales is a greater range of colors . This year Apple has reduced the colors of the iPhone to 3 options: space gray, silver and gold.

According to the latest rumors Apple could launch this cheaper model with LCD panel in more colors. In this way they would be more attractive for a more youthful audience . Something like what they tried with the iPhone 5c.

Colors could return to the iPhone
The youth audience has always been very important for Apple. If you conquer them when they are young, it is easier for them to trust you when they are older . This is something that Apple and any other company thinks.

In the past the iPod reigned among teenagers. And the iPod was available in a multitude of colors. The first attempt on the iPhone did not go so well. The iPhone 5c was very colorful yes, but also very expensive.

If confirmed this new rumor Apple would bet again on the colors . Analyst Jun Zhang said a few weeks ago that Apple could differentiate the cheaper model of the premium with new colors .

Taking into account the options of the iPhone 5c these new colors would be blue, pink and yellow . From Phonearena have wanted to show how these colors look under the glass of the current iPhone 8, although remember that it is expected that this year's cheap iPhone includes notch and Face ID.

Undoubtedly these colors feel great to the iPhone. And Apple could return to that strategy of the iPhone 5c, although we hope that this time they are right with the price . The more options the users have, the better you can see the beauty of the iPhone 8 in red .

And you, do you want more colors on the iPhone?

Via | Phonearena

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