This robot with an iPad works the miracle: that a young woman can go to her graduation -


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Monday, 21 May 2018

This robot with an iPad works the miracle: that a young woman can go to her graduation

Wanting is power, that is what one of the maxims of people with a spirit of improvement says. And the case that concerns us is an example of this, because one of the most important events in the life of a student is his act of graduation , and it is precisely in the United States where this takes a very important aspect.

For the 17-year-old student Cynthia Pettway, the moment of her graduation had arrived, although the inconvenience was more than obvious: she could not attend it due to her hospital admission . There was no way the young woman was going to the act of her high school, the LeFlore of the state of Alabama.

The perfect solution, the iPad and a robot

But we have said it at the beginning, to want is power, and seeing that the situation did not seem to be solved, a perfect solution was chosen, Cynthia would attend her act telematically . She would remain in the hospital, dressed like another student, and her place in the institute would be occupied by a robot, also characterized by the typical cap and gown.

This was possible thanks to the collaboration of his school district and a hospital organization. The best thing is that the robot had an iPad with which they were taking real-time images that Cynthia herself would see on a screen from the hospital . In addition, on the iPad they would be showing live images of the student, who was able to attend, even in this particular way, to her graduation ceremony.

For that same reason, it is incredibly positive to think that technology is not only to help us, but to achieve that we can fulfill such important desires when the causes of force majeure prevent it , in this case a hospital admission.

Via | The Washinton Post 

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