This video captures a new explosion of an iPhone -


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Monday, 14 May 2018

This video captures a new explosion of an iPhone

A new iPhone, it seems an iPhone 6, has returned to be the protagonist of an explosion , which has been recorded on video, with a very poor quality and generating many doubts around. But let's start at the beginning, in the video that you can see a little below you see an exploding iPhone, and from which comes a lot of black smoke.

Everything indicates that the battery is the culprit of the explosion, that we remember is lithium ions, and that they tend to be damaged and in some cases end up exploding. This is not the first iPhone or the first smartphone that explodes for this reason , and certainly not the last.

What most attracts the attention of the video is that the explosion occurs on a table, when the iPhone is stuck in a somewhat strange box . This could be prepared to prevent damage to the area or the surroundings or to cover up the method to make the iPhone explode.

To all this we must add that the employee that can be seen in the video has a strange reaction , as if he already knew that this iPhone was going to explode. And if you notice, at no time try to approach running directly towards what looks like a phone, to surely call emergency, for a small explosion of a mobile device, something for which they should be amply prepared in a repair shop.

One more iPhone has exploded again, generating as usual many comments and much controversy, although this time, however much it has been recorded on video has generated more questions than anything else. Of course, no one will forget is that the iPhone 6 and other terminals are suffering problems of this type . In the case of detecting any strange symptom you should take it to repair, before having a dislike.

Do you think that the explosion of the iPhone that we can see in the video is totally real or that as many believe are ready?

Via | cultofmac 

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