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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Tim Cook revolutionizes the internet by publishing a photo of an iPhone X without notch?

Tim Cook never ceases to amaze us , not only for his statements of the most varied - like that day that came to say that the iPhone X was a bargain - but also for those photos that goes up when we are hungry for Apple news. If a few weeks ago we had the opportunity to see how the iPhone X intuited in your pocket , today we have seen something that could well be an iPhone X ... but notch.

One moment: an iPhone X without notch? But is not the notch the most distinctive feature of the iPhone X? Yes, that Apple has managed to put on fashion among Android manufacturers . Well ... in Mac Observer have made a test of visual acuity with a photo that the CEO of Apple has uploaded to Twitter to commemorate Memorial Day. The commotion in the social network has not been made wait.

As we see in the image, in Cupertino an empty table with the American flag has been left flying for those men and women who risk their lives defending their country. But that's not what has caught our attention and Twitter followers.

Look closely at the table on the right: a man carries a phone in his hands. It has no Home button but not a notch , so we discard the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. What could it be? It is not an iPad either.

And of course, we can not imagine that in the headquarters where the best telephone in the world is manufactured and the best operating system in the world there is an Android phone. But who knows, you have to test the technology of the rivals . But being an Android, we did not identify what phone it would be.

Could it be a prototype of the iPhone X of the future? It is known that from 2019 Apple will reduce the notch of their iPhone X. Or perhaps it is simply the iPhone X in silver version with a black case and Twitter followers like to speculate. How much we want news!

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