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Friday, 4 May 2018

To buy! Payments reach Instagram

Instagram has been evolving since its inception, when many of us used this social network oriented to photography to hang our most special photos . Instagram like, hooks and I personally have a certain affection for being something different from the ones I use the most.

Well, there is a twist in the application itself, although at the moment it is not available in our country. The social network is experimenting with its own payment system , in such a way that advertisers can offer products or services and that people who use Instagram can buy them, all within the same app.

The idea is simple, but effective. The brands can offer anything and users can access a catalog of products , with Instagram acting as intermediary and pocketing their respective commission. Round business on the other hand.

Some users can now register their debit or credit card to make purchases , as well as enable a security pin code. Buy within Instagram will be a reality for all members of the community , and extends an increasingly common business model, transactions from the mobile devices themselves.

And it's not bad that you try to search your profile if Instagram has given you the grace to include you in the experimental group that is now dedicated to test the virtues of this system. If so, you can register your card and set your own PIN code.

And seeing it well this system could bring many advantages, access those products that we want directly and without having to register on other external websites, yes, if we find on Instagram that we like. The possibilities also extend to reservations at restaurants or florists.

How do you see the payments reach Instagram? Have you been able to access the card's registration system?
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