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Friday, 4 May 2018

Unrivaled: The Apple Watch sells twice as much as Fitbit

If there is a device that has revolutionized the world of connected objects that we always carry, that is none other than the Apple Watch. Since its launch in 2015, there have been more than 46 million units that have been dispatched , which comes to refer to the enormous success it has.

And Apple can not be more happy with the results , because in the first quarter of this year 2018 claim to have sold about 3.3 million watches globally , representing a growth of 25 percent over the same quarter of the year. last year.

And it is that the Apple Watch has everything to be an element of success , design, functionality, the possibility of LTE calls, that at the moment we see ourselves in our country and that is pending in agreement with the operators, come on, all advantages!

But it should not be forgotten that there is also a very wanted and valued manufacturer in the world of this type of wearables , and this is none other than FitBit. They know how to do things very well and have a good range of products available to consumers and customers , such as their Versa smart watch, which we made a comparison with the Apple watch recently.

However, it seems that the results of their sales have not been as satisfactory as they expected, since according to analysts these have been around 2 million units sold for this first quarter , a figure much lower than that It was expected.

And is that the improvements brought by the Apple Watch Series 3, with many health-oriented options , makes it a strong point in terms of objects to consider. From Apple work very seriously to make your smart watch the spearhead of the category of wearables .

Via | cultofmac 

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