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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Why my iPhone X looks so much better than yours

Any technological device is careful to offer a design that tries to combine the benefits it offers. With a surprising aesthetic. In the case of the products of the Cupertino company, we have always tried to bring the design to the maximum expression .

Good proof of this is the iPhone X , an ode to good taste, to refinement. Its metal frame is a statement of principles and may seem a nod to the original iPhone of 2007, which personally was for me one of the most beautiful phones I've had the luck to own.

However, on certain occasions we are forced to fully load this design. That is, you spend a good amount of money on a device and neglect the case or the screen protector . One thing is to protect, and another to protect by fully charging the aesthetics of your iPhone.

How to protect your iPhone X without hiding the design


Carrying without a phone case like the iPhone X, whose body is completely made of glass, is very risky. No matter how careful we are, we can simply slip out of our hands at any moment and we already know that a small touch can mean changing the rear window. And believe me, besides that it is very expensive, doing it is a hassle.

We have thought that this Spigen transparent cover adds that extra protection needed without having to hide anything, letting your iPhone look its best . Its price is the key, it does not reach 10 euros. Is it worth going unprotected or hiding the design for so little money?

Screen saver

So important is to have a good cover to protect, but not hide our device, how to install a tempered glass protector, which is very resistant to bumps and scratches but not too thick . If in addition we find it with a built-in frame to place it perfectly, we will have succeeded. For less than what a few beers cost, secure the screen of your iPhone X forever.

How do you protect your iPhone X without sacrificing its design? We wait for your answers in the comments section.

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