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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Why you should not worry about the radiation of your iPhone

It is time to stop fearing the radiation of your iPhone and other electronic equipment around you, and consequently the negative effects that these could cause in our health. According to the results of constant investigations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mobile devices do not have the potential to affect us in that way.

While there is a kind of myth about the health risks that can cause the constant use of the iPhone or exposure to equipment that emit radiofrequency, the fact is that the heating effect of the normal use of consumer goods is negligible .

The fear of damage that electronic devices could cause is generated by the radiofrequency they emit, but only those with very high levels are able to heat the tissue, ionize atoms and damage DNA and most of us are not exposed to these levels.

The Wi-Fi router

To get an idea, the power able to achieve with the energy production of a device is expressed in watts. And although in our home we find devices with 700 watts like the microwave or 1000 watts like a speaker, these are shielded with the same structure of each piece. Therefore, the weak radiofrequency signals of base stations and wireless networks of a router, which at most can generate 1 full watt spread in a transmission area, can not cause adverse health effects.

The Iphone

That iPhone all day in your pocket. The fact that it is not transmitting at full power steadily and the low levels of emissions do not produce any noticeable heating effect. Therefore, as a result, no adverse health effects are known.

The FDA notes that there have been some studies that show minor effects of the devices, but they are not reproducible. Both the FDA and the WHO point out that given the extremely low levels of energy involved.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

For some time, several people have reported a variety of health problems related to exposure to electromagnetic fields or radiofrequency radiation. This reputed sensitivity has been generally termed "electromagnetic hypersensitivity."

WHO believes that the prevalence is few people per million. Current scientific theories suggest that poor air quality or pre-existing or new psychiatric conditions induced by stress cause the problem, rather than exposure to radiation.

All the previous tests have concluded that neither the constant use of our iPhone and in general of the radiofrequency transmitters of our environment, affect our health. So neither installing the most powerful router nor talking actively with anyone in 5G from your iPhone will do this kind of damage.

Via | appleinsider

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