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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Windows user: finally you can see the iPhone screen on your computer!

This week will be quite movidita in the technological field. And is that tomorrow presents Android P, the operating system with which Google will try to stand up to the current iOS 11 and even fight face to face with the imminent iOS 12. But today, Monday Microsoft has held its annual conference for developers, where revealed a function that you will love: mirroring, or what is the same, that you can see the screen of your phone on the computer thanks to "Your Phone ".

Although only Android has confirmed that there will be a complete mirroring, allowing to see and access photos, files, texts and notifications, iPhone users will have to confirm with a partial mirroring , so that it will be possible to perform essential functions from a paired computer that have Windows 10 as the operating system.

At the moment Your Phone is in the testing phase, so we will have to wait until September for the final public version, which could be included in Redstone 5, the expected big update of Windows 10.

Your Phone, the mirroring finally reaches Windows 10

This limited mirroring for iPhone is due to the rigid policies of Apple in terms of API and sandbox , which restricts access to third parties to certain internal layers of iOS simply and simply for security reasons so that it is only Apple that controls everything. Unfortunately, it has not leaked too much about these basic functions.

It is clear that it will not be the same as with an Android and in fact Microsoft has taken advantage of the situation to pass through the hoop those who have iPhone. And in order to use Your Phone it will be necessary to have installed the Microsoft Edge browser , a minor but necessary evil.

Your Phone is the belated response of Apple's Continuity , and if you started with an iPhone and have gradually expanded your collection of gadgets of the bitten apple, you know that Apple's ecosystem is almost perfect, so Your devices are understood perfectly.

In fact, for many of us it is not a novelty, but something common and common to be able to make calls from the Mac or continue to see Safari websites from another device. But for those users who use a Windows computer, it is a great improvement. Better late than never. 

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