You can now charge your Apple Watch wirelessly -


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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

You can now charge your Apple Watch wirelessly

There are hundreds and hundreds of accessories for iPhone and iPad that allow users to enjoy great advantages when it comes to using and taking advantage of their mobile devices. One of the most requested characteristics by consumers is autonomy.

And it is that both the iPhone and the iPad, and even the Apple Watch, do not have enough autonomy for their battery to last 24 hours a day. Especially if you use the device regularly. Therefore, today we recommend a very interesting accessory to increase the battery of your iPhone and your Apple Watch.

We are talking about this useful UGREEN external battery with a capacity of up to 4,400 mAh . It has a very small size, a magnetic charging module for Apple Watch and an adapter that allows charging the iPhone's battery. Without a doubt, a very complete accessory.

UGREEN portable battery for iPhone and Apple Watch

The UGREEN external battery is compatible with all Apple Watch models and all versions of the iPhone. Its size and capacity of 4,400 mAh makes it the ideal portable battery. With it, you can forget to charge your smartwatch every night.

Its 4,400 mAh capacity provides up to 8 full loads of the Apple Watch , and 1 full charge for the iPhone. Of course, you can charge both devices at the same time with your Lightning cable with MFi certificate.

Price: € 48.99

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The UGREEN wireless charging accessory has a series of LED lights that act as a capacity indicator and let you know when you need to recharge the battery. To start charging your Apple Watch, simply press the power button and place the smartwatch on top. Your magnets will align your smartwatch and the load will start automatically.

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