You can now watch videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram without leaving WhatsApp -


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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

You can now watch videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram without leaving WhatsApp

Today Monday we have dawned with an interesting update in the most popular messaging application in the world , we talk about how it can not be otherwise WhatsApp. Used by more than 1,200 million users worldwide, it is gradually getting features that are not useful.

In this latest version, which is now available for free download in the App Store, you can watch Facebook or Instagram videos without having to leave from the same application. That is, you will not be redirected externally and you will be able to see them right there , even if you have moved from one conversation to another.

It is a great advance for the application, and that consequently facilitates the usability of it. Remember that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all belong to Marck Zuckerberg , who has been on everyone's lips lately, including the North American congress for the use Cambridge Analytica made of Facebook.

Not only there are news when missionary this type of video content, there are also changes for those who manage groups, so popular on the other hand . The administrator of one can discard other administrators automatically, using the "discard administrator" option.

In addition, administrators can grant permissions when configuring how group information is displayed , so that they can choose who changes the description or icon. It is finished therefore that any user is the one who can make this type of changes.

The messaging application was last week in the pillory for a bug that disabled the program itself , and in which users were invited to not press a black circle that appeared, although the consequences were not at all disastrous . Anyway, in WhatsApp they are striving to build an increasingly functional app that can be, at least, as good as Telegram, although the first sweeps in terms of number of customers.

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