You know I'm right: This is the worst Apple design of its history by far -


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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

You know I'm right: This is the worst Apple design of its history by far

That Apple has in its ranks a prodigy of design in recent decades is a fact : Jony Ive is a real genius capable of simplifying gadgets to reduce them to the minimum expression. Faithful follower of minimalism, we find in Apple the imprint of less is more, or what is the same: how with less buttons and more intuitive procedures you can squeeze functionality to the fullest.

Ideas such as the iPhone, the Apple Watch and the iMac have emerged from his brilliant head , the real device that changed the evolution of Apple to move from a company with an uncertain future and red numbers to the money-making machine that it is today. Creativity and hard work are its secrets. Without going any further, finding the design of the iPhone X cost more than 5 years .

But Jony Ive is not perfect. Like the rest of the mortals, the designer has also made some mistakes, some of which remain with us to this day. Do you have an idea of ​​what it is? If you have an iMac, you will surely agree with me : I am talking about the mouse, the wireless mouse from Apple.

Charging the Apple mouse is the worst there is and you know it
Do not understand me anymore: I love the materials in which it is made, it is soft, ergonomic, easy to use thanks to its multitude of gestures ... I do not put any problems there. Its design and functionality is exquisite, exceptional ... except for one thing: loading it is the worst there is .

How is it possible that the Lightning socket is in the base? Probably to hide it from view during the day to day, but is that no one has noticed in Apple that with the mouse charging can not be used?

Surely many of us would appreciate a visually less ideal mouse breaking the symmetry because of the connection in sight, in exchange for being able to use it while charging . What do you think?

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