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Thursday, 7 June 2018

3 reasons why the iPhone SE 2 could be a reality in September

There is a mobile phone that, despite its size, has triumphed in style at the sales level. We are talking about the iPhone SE, Apple's special edition low-cost smartphone is, curiously, one of the most popular models.

The iPhone SE was launched in March 2016, with the same design as the iPhone 5s although with slight changes. It has a 4-inch screen and the same technical specifications as the iPhone 6s , except for 3D Touch technology.

There was a small chance that Apple would present a second-generation iPhone SE in the WWDC of 2018. But unfortunately it was not , in fact Tim Cook mentioned that "it was an event especially dedicated to software" despite the fact that other years we have seen the occasional new product.

So it is most likely that the iPhone SE 2 is presented in the keynote of September 2018. But why should Apple do it? Well, there are some reasons ...

1. The iPhone SE 2 would have a very affordable price

The iPhone SE is a product designed especially for those consumers who can not or simply do not want to spend 1,000 euros on a smartphone . In Spain, the iPhone SE costs 419 euros, and a similar price will allow it to compete with other mid-range devices. A good reason for Apple to present a new version in September.

2. A two-year update cycle

Normally, Apple updates each of their iPhone every year, and there are currently two models (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) along with the special launch of the iPhone X. But make no mistake, presenting hardware news every year is very complicated, because We often see how the company is criticized for the lack of innovation both at the hardware level and at the design level . Therefore, an update every two years as in the case of the iPhone SE would be ideal.

3. A market opportunity

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the dependence on their mobile phones. A second generation iPhone SE would be focused on a younger clientele interested in reducing their dependence on mobile . But, as we mentioned previously, its launch can also be focused on any other class of consumers.

There are many other reasons such as the need to satisfy users of the original iPhone SE who wish to renew their device, or the simple hardware update that allows the iPhone SE 2 to provide a better user experience in iOS 12 and future updates. What do you think?

Via | Wired

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