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Monday, 4 June 2018

4 functions that iCloud Drive desperately needs

A good number of tools meet the credentials necessary to be considered efficient information managers in the cloud, as is the case of Google Drive or Dropbox or there are those who prefer the integrated system in macOS iCloud Drive. However, no system is perfect, even if it is from Apple, and therefore we invite you to review a list of improvements in iCloud Drive.

The list is based on comparison with other tools to synchronize information in the cloud, which would make iCloud a function of ten.

Shared folders

Shared folders is a common feature in Dropbox and Google Drive, but is still missing in iCloud Drive. These allow you to set read and write permissions between files, cite a person to copy files and have editing permissions and generate web links that allow people who do not use iCloud to upload files that would then be downloaded to a Mac, for example.

At this point iCloud Drive must catch up with the users who prefer it to store their files. Will we see this update, this year?

Native restoration functionality
Although this function exists in iCloud drive, it is still a slow and somewhat clumsy tool if we compare it with its peers and it is definitely a feature to improve.

Only online
Those who manage several documents at once, we understand how tedious it is to have to store everything on our computer, occupying a precious space. Therefore the idea of ​​marking certain folders with "only online" is one of the updates that we most want to see in iCloud.

Creating public links easier

With Dropbox, creating shared links is very simple, and although with iCloud Drive, it is possible, it is very tedious to configure it. We must manually configure public permissions on each link, even if we copy the link directly. This function should be more and only be within the reach of a click.

Do you use iCloud Drive? What would you improve?

Via | 9to5mac

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