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Thursday, 14 June 2018

A girl is saved from a forced marriage thanks to her iPhone

Many times, we get carried away by all the darkness that surrounds technology. Their shortcomings, the risks associated with their inappropriate use can make it very difficult to understand all the benefits that can bring us at the same time. And as in many other cases, sometimes it can seem like something is harmful, when in reality it can have great benefits just by using it responsibly.

Today, we show you one of the cases that the latter teaches us. The role that technology can play in protecting ourselves and our interests. Specifically, we have been able to know through the newspaper The Telegraph how a young man has been able to rescue his partner from an arranged marriage against the interests of the latter in 2016. And all this, thanks to the location function of his iPhone

The Search for my iPhone application was an essential part of determining the location of the girl, who at that time was 17 years old and was about to be forced to marry her cousin in Bangladesh to obtain the British visa. Her boyfriend, with whom she had a secret relationship, reported the situation of the girl to the authorities , after she transmitted her location through the iPhone app and the Instagram social network.

Thus, the girl was rescued from a violent family environment, and all this, with the help of technology. And it is not the first time that something so decisive for the life of a person happens, as we have already seen with the Apple Watch . Therefore, every time we see a scandal in the headlines, we should also take into account all those times when technology has been helpful. Used responsibly, it can be our greatest ally.

And you, do you keep the location of your phone activated?

Source | The Telegraph

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