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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A new rumor suggests that we will not see iPhone SE 2 this year

After so many months of rumors about a new version of the iPhone SE , we may end up with the desire. It all started at the end of last year. The iPhone SE was going to fulfill its second year of life in March and everything indicated that Apple would launch an update of a "small but bully" model .

Sales of the iPhone SE were really good, due in large part to its affordable price and good specifications . So it seemed logical that Apple would renew its cheaper iPhone and two possibilities were opened: maintain the design and improve its capabilities, such as the arrival of the A11 processor, or renew it completely with an edge-to-edge screen and Face ID .

The truth is that either of the two options sounded good. The only problem is that another rumor also indicated that Apple was preparing a model of 6.1 inches "cheap" , which did not seem compatible with a iPhone SE 2 completely renovated . And according to new information, Apple's decision has been to cancel the iPhone SE 2, at least during this year.

The iPhone SE 2 will not arrive this year
This new report came to us from Gordon Kelly, who quotes the case maker Olixar to support his report. We know that case manufacturers are some of the main device filtering devices . According to these sources, Apple will only present three iPhone in September.

That is to say, that the iPhone line for this year would look like this:

  • Successor of the iPhone X with 5.8-inch OLED screen .
  • New affordable model with iPhone X design but with 6.1-inch LCD screen .
  • New model Plus of the iPhone X with 6.5-inch OLED screen .
  • The most curious of all is that it was Olixar's own sources that leaked the supposed design of the iPhone SE 2 . The company was confident enough that it even began to manufacture device screen protectors .

But now "new sources" of Olixar confirm that the three iPhones this fall will be the largest that Apple has ever done and the only ones that launch in 2018 . The manufacturer has already "started the production of its official line of accessories for these devices."

Lovers of small screens will have been disappointed, but it is true that it is difficult for Apple to make two cheap iPhone models . Although this does not rule out that the iPhone SE is still selling, perhaps at a price even more reduced.

And you, did you expect an iPhone SE 2?

Via | Forbes

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