AirPods Premium, new HomePod and more things that Apple prepares for 2019 -


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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

AirPods Premium, new HomePod and more things that Apple prepares for 2019

Apple is no longer just a company that makes devices and software, it also has a good range of accessories , many of them focused on music. And it seems that 2019 will be an interesting year.

The well-known journalist Mark Gurman has begun this Monday with a massive leak of what Apple is preparing for 2019 . Next year a complete renovation of Apple's sound accessories could come.

AirPods 2, headband headphones and new HomePod
Three new devices for the accessories and music business to continue growing . A renewal of the popular AirPods, a new HomePod and the rumored headset headphones.

AirPods 2
The Cupertino-based company is working on new AirPods with noise cancellation and water resistance . But this does not mean you can swim with them. This water resistance will be a feature to protect the AirPods from rain and sweat.

At Apple, they are still discussing whether to include more sensors in these new Premium AirPods , such as heart rate, which would expand the company's offer in health-related devices beyond the Apple Watch. Apple already has patents , so it is possible.

This model would be more expensive than the current AirPods. What would make Apple diversify its line of sound products. We would have a normal AirPods at the current price and other premiums more expensive .

But that's not all, Gurman explains that Apple will launch a new model of AirPods this year . They would be a renewal of the current ones, presented in 2016, with a new chip, new box with wireless charging and with Siri always listening.

Headband headphones
It's a rumor that appeared a few months ago and now Gurman confirms it, Apple prepares a headset . These headphones are designed to compete directly with premium brands such as Bose and Sennheiser.

Apple is working with major companies in the sector to create headphones with a very good noise cancellation . In principle Apple's plan was to launch them this year, but they have been delayed to 2019.

HomePod 2
On the new intelligent speaker Gurman has not given much data. Simply that Apple can not afford the same delays that the current HomePod suffered . That is why he is in negotiations to find more suppliers. No trace of the rumored HomePod cheap .

Apple's accessories business is growing and it is normal that in Cupertino they want to exploit it. The AirPods have been sold very well and their renewal is a safe bet . All these new devices will be presented throughout 2019. An interesting year for Apple is looming.

What do you think of these new rumors?

Via | Bloomberg

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