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Thursday, 7 June 2018

All about my new Siri: the iOS 12 news from Apple's assistant

Siri has taken a lot of criticism in recent years. Especially of users of other platforms. It is true that both Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant have proven to be very competent rivals that outperform Apple's virtual assistant in several aspects.

We all expected an improvement in Siri in iOS 12 in this WWDC 2018 and the improvement may have arrived, but we do not know if it will be up to the expectations . The new feature called Shortcuts, shortcuts in Spanish, comes to improve the experience with Siri, but the assistant itself has not improved his intelligence.

This is how Shortcuts or Shortcuts in Siri works with iOS 12
This function basically allows us to customize a phrase to perform one or more actions . For example, we can say the phrase "I'm already home", so that actions are carried out such as turning on the lights, raising the temperature of the heating and putting the music that we like on the HomePod. Everything at once.

Also according to Apple, Siri will learn from our habits and suggest new shortcuts to make our lives easier. The main novelty is that Siri will be able to communicate with applications, and with functions within the applications themselves. So, for this function to realize its full potential, developers must update their apps.

Shortcuts or Shortcuts will have a specific application to create and manage these shortcuts. At the moment, the iOS 12 beta only works partially. Although in the next betas we will have news, which will reach all devices in the fall. Although the shortcuts will be created from the iPhone, they can be used with any device that Siri has.

There is no doubt that it is a welcome improvement, but perhaps we all expected something more. Siri is still the same , although now we can ask for more specific things that we will have to create, the assistant's intelligence remains the same.

Siri's rivals are smarter and are able to understand a more natural language and follow a conversation . Hopefully Apple has something saved for future updates, or it may be too late to compete with Alexa or Google Assistant.

What do you think of Siri's new features?

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