All about the new macOS Mojave presented at the WWDC -


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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

All about the new macOS Mojave presented at the WWDC

Apple has already presented all the news related to software for the current and new devices. We have iOS 12 , watchOS 5 , tvOS 12 and, how could it be otherwise, macOS 10.14 Mojave .

This update brings significant changes regarding High Sierra , its predecessor, not only focused on improving performance and troubleshooting, but also new features and functions.

Dark mode

So far, the "dark mode" of macOS (if you could call it that) was very limited . It only changed the color from light to dark in the menu bar and the Dock. Something like a reversal of colors.

However, with macOS 10.14 Mojave this has expanded to apps, menus and Finder . Very useful when we are working late into the night and we do not want the view to get tired. And put special emphasis on the developers, who will be able to use Xcode with dark mode.

Dynamic desktop
Depending on the time of day it is, the wallpaper will change shades to adapt. A characteristic that does not stop being curious.

Thanks to the Dock, the macOS desktop is much cleaner than other operating systems. However, there are times that we fill it with documents and files to have them more at hand, and we do nothing but create a small disaster.

With Stacks, files of the same class will be grouped into an icon to clear the desktop.

Apple News and Voice Notes

Apple increases its ecosystem of apps for macOS by adding Apple News and Voice Notes. Two more applications that come from iOS fully adapted to the interface.


With the new update of macOS, it will be possible to control all our compatible devices with HomeKit from the computer . As from the iPhone, we can use Siri to give orders such as "turn off the lights of the room."

New Mac App Store

The macOS app store needed an urgent face wash. And Apple has given it to him. As you did with iOS, it has different tabs: discover, create, work, play, develop, categories and updates . With this they expect more interaction with users and increase downloads.

Includes previews of the available applications, and writing a review will be easier than ever.

Some of the developers who will upload their apps to the Mac App Store are Microsoft with Office 365 and Adobe.

UIKit in macOS
Developers will be able to use iOS frameworks in macOS in their applications . This feature is already being used by Apple in some of its system apps. It will not arrive until 2019.

When will macOS Mojave be available?
Like all important software updates, the new version of macOS, Mojave, will be available this fall . However, the first beta is now available to anyone who wants to try the novelties firsthand.

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