All about Screen Time, the Apple application for you to unhook from your iPhone -


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Thursday, 7 June 2018

All about Screen Time, the Apple application for you to unhook from your iPhone

On Monday, during the WWDC18 conference, we were able to attend the presentation of iOS 12, whose main novelties we have compiled in an article . This new operating system focuses mainly on the optimization and well-being of users, either through the redesign of some applications or the implementation of new features to control usage . After all, technology should be an aid to our day to day life, not the center of our life.

With that in mind, Apple has introduced in this new update a feature that allows us to make a detailed tracking of what we do with our phone. All stored locally, of course, and protected from prying eyes. In addition, it also improves the functioning of parental control in the devices of minors, which will be of great help to many parents who fear that their child spend too much time with the phone or tablet.

Through a dedicated section located in the Settings app, this function will provide us with data such as the time of use, which we can limit if we deem it appropriate ; the number of times we have consulted our phone to see notifications; and the notifications sent to us by notifications. Thus, it will be much easier to know if we use our device too much, and the reasons why this happens.

Of course, although this new set of adjustments helps us to control the time of use, we must bear in mind that the main thing is our willpower. In any case, this is just one of the reasons why you will like to have iOS 12 in September . Maybe you manage to reduce the time you spend with your mobile phone with the improvement in performance that will come with the update.

And you, do you know if you use your phone too much?

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