Animate your wallpaper with this selection of wallpapers in full color -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Animate your wallpaper with this selection of wallpapers in full color

Fortunately, it is no longer difficult to get good wallpapers, remember that weekly we offer a varied selection or grouped by theme. The 4 backgrounds that we have selected and prepared for this week have the peculiarity of taking colors on the screen of your device . They come as opposed to those of the previous week , which boasted of being on the darkest side.

You can try to install them on your iPhone X, which will get the best out of them thanks to its clear OLED screen and its wide color range; or in any, since the results are going to be equally spectacular . And these funds are the work and grace of a Twitter user and that responds to the name of boots . Your profile is very interesting and if you visit it you can find real gems.

Weekly wallpapers

How to put a new wallpaper on your iPhone
Changing our wallpaper is a very simple process that you probably already know how to do, although we detail it for those who do not know how to do it or who is a newcomer to the iPhone. To do this you must have downloaded the funds first, and once this is done, follow the route Settings > Wallpaper > Select another background . You choose if you want it on the blocked screen, in the home screen or both, and you can start enjoying them.

As always, we hope that they have been to your liking, they really look good and give a different look. With these funds that we have prepared, you will not only boast about the iPhone, but you will appreciate how well they are left . We are already preparing the selection for next week, so do not miss our appointment, because you will surely like it again. We will wait for you!

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