Apple boasts figures in Europe: 22,000 employees and rising -


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Monday, 18 June 2018

Apple boasts figures in Europe: 22,000 employees and rising

For some years now, Apple has had a series of problems with the European Union regarding the tax benefits granted by the country of Ireland to ensure its investments in the city of Cork, where the headquarters of the European subsidiary of the company. For this reason, there are many times that the company has appeared on news programs throughout the continent, damaging the brand they care so much for .

Now, after having solved these legal problems with a payment of more than 15,400 million euros to Ireland, the company wants everyone to know how important the contribution of the company is in each region of Europe. To do this, they have launched a website in which they invite you to discover how fast Apple's employees have multiplied, those they care so much , as well as all those who have achieved a job associated with the development of an App Store app. .

In total, we find that Apple has generated a total of 1,760,000 jobs in Europe , of which 22,000 are directly from the company. Many of them belong to the Retail division of the company, which is responsible for managing the Apple Stores. The most relevant countries are the United Kingdom, where the first Apple Store of the continent was installed, and Ireland, which, as we said before, is the place where the headquarters of the European subsidiary is located.

In the case of Spain, those of Cupertino highlight that Apple's jobs have multiplied by 10 in the last decade, largely due to the opening of 11 stores in our country. But what we all hope is that they do not keep these numbers. The good thing is that it seems that your intention is to keep growing, so maybe you want to take a look at this article on how to opt for one of those positions .

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