Apple is about to become the first company to reach a trillion dollars -


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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Apple is about to become the first company to reach a trillion dollars

It does not escape anyone that Apple is the most prosperous company. Relatively recently, we learned that in a quarter it had generated more profits than the Amazon shopping giant in its entire history . You just have to look at how desired your products are to be able to understand it, a skillful and prosperous business model.

Apple shares are quoting at the time of writing this article at $ 191.40, with a total capitalization of $ 950 billion. It's a matter of little time, unless these actions give a small upward push , could reach the incredible $ 1 trillion in a matter of weeks.

Apple sells more than ever
In one year, Apple shares have risen 32 percent, which is not an issue to take lightly. But the technology is going well, Amazon has grown by 75 percent and Microsoft by 46. Because Apple, and not only positively accuses the good sales of Apple Watch , the iPhone X has been a somewhat more discreet success.

But what has been a boost in earnings, and this is an open secret, are services such as Apple Music, which is still pushing and harassing Spotify, or the payment of services such as iCloud (will that be why what 50 GB cost 99 cents?), services that have grown together by almost 31 percent.

Be that as it may, Apple is on a roll, its products are not associated with failure , although it has had them . All will be to see how Apple solves its strategy this summer with the trio of iPhone that is scheduled to come out in September. We already know that all those tails that are formed in the Apple Store the previous days have a positive impact on sales, and in Cupertino want it to remain that way.

Via | zdnet

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