Apple is already preparing to celebrate this year's Pride -


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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Apple is already preparing to celebrate this year's Pride

On Saturday, July 7 we will celebrate the LGBT Pride 2018 , and how could it be otherwise, Apple is already working on it. In some stores it is possible to buy some products that make the nod to this large group. In total, and at least for the moment, there are 13 stores selected for that purpose.

A custom multi-colored belt is now available in stores, with the added addition of allocating part of the benefits obtained to various organizations that work in favor of the rights of the LGTB collective. Even the classic logo of the apple has been redesigned for the occasion with a rainbow border.

It's time to give visibility
And so it has been in the Apple Store in Birmingham, Alabama, which has held a series of events in a nearby location. Here meetings, talks and opinions have been exchanged, all marked within a festive atmosphere, at the same time as vindication. The success of these calls has been clear.

Multicolour monoliths were installed in the enclosure where attendees have been able to capture their thoughts and signatures. Apple has always participated very actively in this type of events , and the CEO of the company has attended the celebrations, as it was in 2017, where he also gave an account of this support through Twitter

Perhaps acts may have started on the same day as WWDC 2018, where the rainbow sphere was presented for the Apple Watch , which has been a boost for the people of Cupertino to the people that make up the LGBT world . From our little corner of iPadizate we do not want more than to join such celebrations and fervently support this group.

By the way, it is a good opportunity to install your wallpapers . You can do it from this download box that we leave here below.

 LGBT Pride Wallpapers
LGBT Pride Wallpapers
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