Apple registers the "Memoji" brand in China and makes its latest revolution more than ever -


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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Apple registers the "Memoji" brand in China and makes its latest revolution more than ever

Apple's Animoji were one of the most acclaimed features of iOS 11 and, above all, the iPhone X. Thanks to the TrueDepth camera, emojis such as the unicorn, dog and bear, among others, come alive and are able to capture our facial expressions and voice .

However, the thing did not end there. And, in the WWDC 2018, continued to expand this concept to create the Memoji , a mini me in the image and likeness of the owner of the device. Very similar to what Nintendo presented on Wii with the Mii.

This feature will be available to all owners of an iPhone X from September, at which time the final version of iOS 12 is available . A couple of months after that happened, Apple registered the Memoji brand in Hong Kong, China last Friday.

The Memoji brand is already registered in China

The Memoji brand has been registered by Apple in Hong Kong under International Class 009. This concerns devices related to computer parts of any kind , as well as future products: smart glasses and rings, bracelets with connectivity, television receivers, screens augmented reality, and a long etcetera.

It is unknown if Apple is working to bring Animoji and Memoji to more products in its extensive catalog. Most likely, the next device that incorporates them is the iPad Pro, because the rumors about a TrueDepth camera on the tablet do not stop.

Apple also registers Face ID as a brand

Those of Cupertino have not limited themselves to register their dolls, but have done the same with Face ID . Face ID is the biometric facial recognition system available on the iPhone X that comes to replace the Touch ID as a security method.

It was last Tuesday when Apple got Face ID a registered trademark (RTM) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

With this certification, the company ensures that nobody else can use this denomination for facial recognition methods. Above all, Asian manufacturers who like to copy the designs and characteristics of apple devices.

New "Made for" stamps for Apple devices

Of course, Apple took advantage of the week very well in terms of registration issues. If making Memoji and Face ID marks was not enough, you have also registered new "Made for" stamps (made for).

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has once again been in charge of patenting them. Some only have an international class, while others have two. These are the cases of Apple TV and Apple Watch . What is not surprising is that an iPod seal has been registered, the multimedia player that marked an era and that does not go through a good time.

As with the Memoji, the stamps were also registered in China .

And you, what do you think are Apple's next plans? Leave your opinion in the comments

Source | Patently Apple

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