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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Apple will prohibit apps that traffic with your contact list

From Apple have always been very clear and transparent with respect to the data they collect from their users. The company of the bitten apple only stores data such as access records, purchase histories and call records . In fact, the company is so transparent that it allows users to download a copy of the data they collect from their website.

But, unfortunately, some application development companies take advantage of their creations to sell private data and obtain additional benefits thanks to their apps. We are talking about the sale of data from the contact lists of iPhone and iPad users. An illegal practice, which will no longer fit in the Apple App Store.

Apple has changed its App Store standards to better protect its users from developers who want to sell data to third parties. Previously, developers could request access to the contact lists of users who download their apps, and then gain profits illegally and without the explicit consent of users.

Apple will eliminate applications that collect and sell contact data
From now on, with the new rules of the App Store , developers will be able to continue asking users to have access to their contact lists, but they will have to say exactly what they are going to do with this data .

The privacy of users is under the eye of Apple, much more now after the controversy between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica , who did business with the private data of millions of users. Good move from Apple , who always cares about the privacy of their customers and knows perfectly well that prevention is better than cure.

Via | The Verge

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