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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Apple would not use OLED panels for their next iPhone

All the rumors seem to confirm something that we suspected for some months. Apple could sacrifice the quality of its 2018 iPhone screens in order to improve other aspects of smartphones.

That is to say, the company of the bitten apple will not use OLED panels in its next iPhone . Apple may have made the decision to use much cheaper LCD screens for the three iPhone models expected in September 2018.

We had hoped that one of the three models did have an OLED screen, but according to rumors, this will not happen and the Apple iPhone will be one step behind Android devices in terms of color accuracy, sharpness, saturation and, of course, the quality of their screens.

OLED panels have great advantages over LCD screens
One of the most interesting features of using OLED displays is the significant increase in energy efficiency . Go, more battery life. On the other hand, the colors of OLED screens are also much more vivid than LCD screens.

LCD screens require a lot more power, so they drain the battery much faster than OLED displays.

Luckily, there are other advantages of using LCD screens. As we mentioned previously, they are much cheaper than OLEDs, and this would allow Apple to drastically reduce the base price of its 2018 smartphone.

Last year, Apple introduced an iPhone X (OLED), an iPhone 8 (LCD) and an iPhone 8 Plus (LCD). Certainly, the company had many problems related to the production and supply of OLED panels . But lately there have been many rumors about the possible integration of LG in the supply chain of OLED panels, together with Samsung.

What do you think about this news? Would you rather sacrifice OLED screens to reduce the cost of the iPhone in 2018?

Source | Forbes

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