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Thursday, 7 June 2018

ARKit 2: the incredible things that only your iPhone can do

One of the main novelties that came with iOS 12 was the second version of ARKit. Apple continues with its strong commitment to augmented reality , showing that currently there is no other company so involved with this type of technology.

The best thing about ARKit is that it is compatible with almost all devices that have iOS 11 or iOS 12 installed. So it is the largest augmented reality platform in the world with millions of devices.

The new version 2.0 includes great news that continues to improve the experience with this type of reality . Apple is betting on augmented reality, perhaps because its next big device is going to need this technology. If we talk about the rumored Apple glasses .

News from ARKit 2
The glasses may arrive in the future, or not, but what is clear is that Apple is focused on creating a large platform with an important developer base . The new update of ARKit includes interesting news.

Object detection
ARKit 2 extends the compatibility with image detection and tracking. Now it is possible to detect 3D objects such as toys or sculptures . In addition, it allows automatic reflections of the real world to be applied to augmented reality objects. This makes the experience we get much more real than what we have so far.

Another important novelty of ARKit 2 is the possibility that two or more users can share the same augmented reality experience . That is, we can play the same game or collaborate in the same app. Even a viewer mode is included, simply to see what others do.

Objects in the real world
The experiences with the virtual reality of ARKit 2 will be persistent over time . That is, we can leave an object in a certain position in the real world, for example a puzzle on a table, and resume it later.

The new application presented by Apple to take measurements directly from the iPhone. We already tell you all the news . This new app automatically provides the dimensions of objects , such as tables, and can also show measurements or calculate areas. We can take a photo of an object and know the exact measurements from the iPhone or iPad.

QuickLook and usdz
One of the most important news. Apple has introduced a new open source format in collaboration with Pixar called usdz. In this way it will be very easy to share augmented reality objects. Perfectly integrated with the applications of Messages, Safari, Mail or Files.

In addition, thanks to usdz, Quick Look will allow users to place 3D objects in the real world and evaluate how something remains in a certain place or space.

Great news for developers who will be improving and creating apps for when iOS 12 is available this fall . We want to see great improvements.

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