At the moment, this is all we know about the iPhone 9 -


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Friday, 22 June 2018

At the moment, this is all we know about the iPhone 9

After the celebration of the WWDC 2018 by Apple, where undoubtedly iOS 12 was the great protagonist , and we are heading to the next station, which will be the presentation of the new iPhone . At present, there are dozens of hundreds of rumors circulating at full speed through the network of networks, some of them with enough foundation and others that seem more a utopia than a possible reality.

Everything points to that we will see three new models of iPhone , but in recent days has entered the scene a possible iPhone 9, which would come to the market to deal with the increasingly popular Samsung terminals , which today we tell you all the details that have transcended.

The camera will take a step forward

No great news is expected as far as the camera is concerned, and that being would be very similar to the iPhone X , but yes, would adopt the double opening system that already has the Galaxy S9. With this we could take pictures in any light condition, even at night, where possibly more difficulties have the iPhone compared to other devices present in the market.

It also seems more than possible that we see a slow triple that could incorporate 3D detection features and help with it to improve the functions of augmented reality in which Apple works intensively in recent times.

The iPhone 9 could be compatible with the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil has aroused great expectation among all owners of an iPad , with sales more than significant, and now could make the leap to the iPhone. And is that many rumors suggest that the Cupertino device could be compatible with the iPhone 9 , thanks to its large screen would make sense to the Apple Pencil.

A new screen on the way MLCD

With the arrival of the iPhone 9 to the market we will also see how Apple launches a new type of screen on their mobile devices. We talk about the screens with MLCD technology , patented by LG and now in Cupertino have opted to take advantage of its interesting features.

More battery despite the smaller size of the iPhone 9

Despite the fact that with the launch of the new iPhone, we are seeing how they are reduced in size, the battery continues to grow in terms of capacity. The iPhone 9 will not be an exception, and although you will see how its size is reduced, mainly due to the almost complete elimination of the frames around the screen, the battery will be 10% more powerful than the iPhone X.

Apple has managed to get them to get increasingly compact batteries, and even with rare forms, without losing the good habit of giving them greater autonomy. The new battery of the iPhone 9 could go from 2,716 mAh to "between 2,900 and 3,000mAh" .

The iPhone 9 or iPhone 2018, as we remember, has not yet revealed the official name of the new iPhone, will be officially presented next September , so we still have to wait a few weeks to confirm all the data that today We have offered you, and above all to find out the secrets, that surely, Tim Cook and his children are saved.

What do you expect from the new iPhone 9 that we will soon be able to buy in practically any country in the world?

Via | theweek

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