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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Back to the year 2009, this was the iPhone 3GS

Let's go back, specifically to June 19, 2009. It was a hot Friday, and at noon who writes this was in the car on the way to an exam. That is an unimportant point, although if I tell you that the iPhone 3GS went on sale and the thing changes.

The third most desired smartphone evolution, launched 2 years earlier, came with the "S" speed, because in terms of design was similar to its predecessor. But inside, things changed, I was able to record video! And yes, it was really nice, that plastic back in black or white had its charm.

And to tell the truth, in the year 2018 there should not be many copies in its box and sealed. Those that remain can be sold to collectors at a higher price than they had at the time of its release.

A video that you can not miss

Well, on EverythingApplePro, on their YouTube channel , they have posted a very curious video. They show us the process of unsealing and launching an iPhone 3GS . The truth is who carries out the operation seems nervous and is not very convinced to do so, although it is valuable and carries out both the opening and its implementation.

Watching the video takes us to that special touch and smell, to the 30-pin connector, to the rounded shapes of that device, to iOS 6.1.6, the latest version that it was able to support , to the particular aesthetics of those models. An accumulation of sensations difficult to explain, but understandable to those people who were lucky enough to have one.

Did you find it beautiful? It seems that while the iPhone is finally unsealed , it is a device of the time, not a forged one, and that was opened at the time, and finally returned to being packed. Still, like to see this kind of thing.

Because that device gave way to a more radical change, the iPhone 4 of 2010. A device that was the necessary turning point after a successful start, but faltering. As always, Apple managed to fall in love again.

Do you have an old device among your drawers? Tell us in our comments section, and in our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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