Beware: if you install iOS 12 you can have these problems -


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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Beware: if you install iOS 12 you can have these problems

Yesterday, Apple officially presented iOS 12 , the new version of its operating system that opens with a huge amount of news . Since a few hours, it is now possible to install the first beta, available for iPhone and iPad, and aimed primarily at developers, but also to a huge number of onlookers who are spread around the world.

We have already explained how to install iOS 12 on your device , although we must recommend that you do not, because as its name suggests is a test version, suitable for developers, and can bring you some problems that we are going to list a bit below.

iOS 12, still not stable enough

First of all you should know that the betas of iOS, especially in its beginnings, that is to say where we are right now, are very unstable and are usually plagued with errors, that with the passage of time are being corrected and polished. Do not forget that it will still be a long time until the final version reaches all users, and until then there are many errors and mistakes to fix.

This instability supposes a great amount of reinits of the device, without too much explanation , failures in the navigation by the menus and problems of all type. If all this gives you a little bit the same, surely you can install iOS 12 without problem, but if you do not want to suffer all these problems, it is better to wait for the final version of iOS 12, which will be compatible with the following iPhone and iPad , or less to a beta version within a few weeks or a few months.

Another problem that we can find is a loss of data, but to avoid this, we should always make a backup before installing iOS 12. With this we ensure possible problems and dislikes, which are already warned.

Finally, and taking into account the experience with the first betas of iOS 11, almost certainly we will find multiple battery problems with the new version of Apple's operating system. We remember once again, that we are facing a developer version, which still lacks a lot of work, and that surely will consume much more battery than any software version you have installed right now.

Have you already installed the beta of iOS 12 and have you encountered any notable problem like the ones we have shown you in this article?

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