Confirmed the 66 new emojis that will arrive to your iPhone this year -


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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Confirmed the 66 new emojis that will arrive to your iPhone this year

Textual communication is, as long as it is done properly, a luxury. Being able to read a text, even a simple message from WhatsApp , but well written is a pleasure. And since a few years ago, we usually add the well-known emojis to give it that much-needed touch.

These graphic representations help a lot in non-verbal communication , and well placed can reinforce the meaning of any message. The current list of emojis comprises more than 2,000, so imagine what you can get to personalize a message.

What comes

And it is that Unicode 11.0 arrives today, and this means that within a reasonable period of time we can have a new batch of emoticons, specifically there are going to be 66 that are added to the list . Therefore, they will be 157 what will have been added since the beginning of the year.

Animals like lobster, parrot or llama are new additions, as well as legs, feet, bones or molars, curious, right? We will also have superheroes, supervillains, vegetables such as lettuce or microbes . The list is almost endless and is largely the result of user demand. Everyone wants to be represented, fortunately we can see emoticons of same-sex couples with children, or hands and fingers of all skin colors.

With these new additions , the list will be expanded to 2,823 emoticons . Many times it is difficult to find which is the most appropriate to put, and makes us pull out those we have been using most recently. What is clear is that emojis have a lot of pull and were not a flower of a day. we will have to check how companies like Apple or Google end up giving it their customization. Or is it that nobody remembers the controversy of the emoji hamburger ? If Apple is a lot Apple.  😉

Via | emojipedia

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