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Friday, 29 June 2018

Create an airbag cover for your iPhone to survive falls

That our beloved iPhone is broken by a bad fall is one of the biggest fears we have users . They are very expensive devices and repairs are not cheap either . For this reason there are not many who dare to carry their smartphone without a case.

In the market of covers we have everything, thinner, harder, even the colors of your selection , but we also have the ones that really protect. These are usually somewhat thicker , but our iPhone will always be protected.

Now comes a new case with "airbag" that will protect our iPhone like never before . It is not an airbag to use, but it works in the same way.

IPhone case with "active cushioning"
As we have said, it is not an airbag like an airbag, but it does have the same effect: cushioning the fall . This cover is an original idea of ​​Philip Frenzel, an engineer at the University of Aalen in Germany. His idea has won the first prize of the German Mechatronics Society.

A Frenzel, like the vast majority, does not like to change the design of your smartphone with an ugly protective case, but that breaks is not a good plan either. For that reason he thought of a mechanism that would only appear when the smartphone was in danger .

His first option was an airbag like that of cars, but it was impractical. So, after a few laps came the inspiration: springs .

But they could not be springs like we all know, the design would be horrible. Instead he designed 8 metal mechanisms that come out of the corners . These are hooked and absorb falls.

Of course, these hooks are hidden inside the phone, and will only come out when the system detects that the iPhone is falling . To do this, he would use the phone's sensors, such as the proximity sensor and the accelerometer.

The Frenzel design is already patented and although it is now a case, it could be included within the design of the device . It's a good idea, although it may be difficult to implement in today's smartphones with such fine designs.

What do you think of this idea?

Via | SWR

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