Do you have AirPods? Name them is the best advice you will receive today -


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Monday, 18 June 2018

Do you have AirPods? Name them is the best advice you will receive today

The Airpods of Apple are without doubt one of the unexpected successes of the company of the bitten apple. We will all remember the bombing that supposed its exit to the market , the little faith on the part of many people in that object of so particular design and so high price, 179 euros.

Besides that, there is always the fear of losing them or something even worse, losing only one. The truth is that since I have them, I am very satisfied with them , I have never had the fear that they will disappear, but that does not mean that it could happen to me .

This trick can help you recover them

As you know, when you pair your new AirPods they receive the name of the iPhone or iPad, in my case "Nacho AirPods", nothing original on the other hand. If you lose them, a person who pairs them again will find this information and little else. Something impractical and useless , so there is a more valid option.

From Reddit point to a more than recommended option. Rename them with your phone number or even an email address to write to in case of loss. The person who finds them, if they have a good heart, will only have to make a call or write to return them .

In fact I just applied this trick to mine, because although I tend to be quite careful with them, the hustle and bustle of daily life means that they can be left behind in any place . And they are not a precisely economic accessory, although they are highly recommended .

Meanwhile, we do not know if the AirPods 2 will be presented in the September keynote and that they would carry a box with wireless charge, which would help a lot in the event that the AirPower base was also presented. Even so, with only 5 minutes of charging with your cable, you enjoy more than 60 minutes of playback with exceptional quality, especially for how small they are.

Do not forget this simple trick, you can save yourself a dislike .

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