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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Download the darkest wallpapers to show off OLED on iPhone X

When the iPhone X was announced on September 12 , we were all amazed by the quality of its OLED screen, something that Apple users and we were missing. It was the first time that the company of the bitten apple installed this technology on an iPhone . He arrived late, but he did it through the big door. It is true that the iPhone X has an incredible look with it, and whoever tries it appreciates the difference.

For that reason, and so that you can enjoy in all its splendor of this magnificent screen, we have prepared this post of dark backgrounds that will suit your iPhone X very well . In addition to being incredible they have a curious peculiarity, being so dark positively influence the performance of the battery, to consume very little energy in the process.

Download the darkest wallpapers for the iPhone X

How can I install them?
It's a very simple process, changing the wallpaper on your iPhone can not be simpler. To do this you must have downloaded the funds first, and once this is done, follow the route Settings > Wallpaper > Select another background . You choose if you want it on the blocked screen, in the home screen or both, and you can start enjoying it.

We hope you have been to your liking, because the OLED screen of the iPhone X, with a sharpness and brightness that have never been present on an iPhone. With these funds that we have prepared, you will not only boast about the iPhone, but you will appreciate how they look good . And the notch does them justice!

Wishing you have been to your liking, we will place you next week where we will return to the load with other spectacular wallpapers for your Apple devices. In fact, we are already preparing it with great enthusiasm! Do not stop following us to not lose them.

Via | iphonehacks

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