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Saturday, 2 June 2018

First problem with iMessage in iCloud

One of the novelties of iOS 11.4 are the messages in iCloud, of which we have spoken abundantly in iPadizate. The advantages are completely clear, if your devices are in that version of iOS, you will receive your messages in all of them as long as they are associated with the same Apple ID.

The issue is that there are people who do not seem to be excited about this functionality. The well-known journalist of iMore Rene Ritchie , excited about the beginning of the WWDC that will take place as of Monday in San Jose, California, received a response on Twitter from a user who is not happy with iMessage on iCloud .

What happened?
This user, who has a technology channel on YouTube with not too much success, refers to his messages do not disappear between the iPhone and Apple Watch when he tries to delete them . The truth is that whoever writes this has not had any inconvenience about it, but this does not mean that other users do not report failures.

What is clear, in the case that it is a totally reliable option, technology companies are clearly betting on cloud services . In the case of Apple, its particular cloud is called iCloud and each user has a free 5 GB for having an Apple ID.

Recently Apple has increased the free space for educational accounts up to 200 GB, which has a cost for the other users of 2.99 euros per month . I wish it were time for these 200 GB to be free for all users, because with the 5 GB just gives for backup.

Do you have problems when running iMessage on iCloud?

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