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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How to control the time of use of the iPhone and iPad by children

After a long wait iOS 12 is already official , although at the moment it is only available in beta version, aimed at developers, but anyone with a bit of skill and, above all, reading this article can install it on your iPhone or iPad . The new version of Apple's mobile operating system is loaded with new features and new features , among which the "Screen Time" has attracted a lot of attention .

With this new functionality, which you can find in the Settings of your device, we can control the screen time of our iPhone or iPad, knowing exactly what applications we spend more time on. Another of the great advantages is that we can put limits to that screen time, something really useful especially if we want to keep under control the smallest of the house.

In case you are not yet an expert on iOS 12, today we will explain in a simple way how to control the time of use of the iPhone and iPad by children.

How to control the time of use of the iPhone and iPad by children
Control the time of use of the screen of an iPhone or iPad has become something really simple, thanks to the arrival of iOS 12. First, and to be able to have it under control from the same device, you must add the devices you want to control to the same iCloud account . Once you do, you will be able to see them in the lower part of Screen Time, specifically in the section titled "Set Up Screen Time for Family".

Now, you can select the limits of the screens that you want to set, for which you must follow the following steps;

• Select from the list of devices, the one you want to start controlling. All the ones you have incorporated into your iCloud account should appear.
• Now you should focus on the option "Activate screen time" . Once you have activated it you will see the following message;


• Click on the option "Configuration with parental control"

• Now you must select an inactivity schedule, creating a start time and an end time . In that time the calls, messages and some very specific applications may continue to be used, so that the device is not totally inoperative, but you can not view notifications, nor use the applications that any person, and of course, your children use. recurrent form.

• On the next page we can see the "Limits of the applications" . From here we can establish the limits of use for the categories of applications. Once the limit of use is reached, our permission will be necessary to continue using this application. We have the possibility to limit all applications and categories or games or social networks. It is also possible to further customize the limits, but almost certainly with the first level of limitation you have more than enough.

 Finally, we will reach the "Content and privacy" screen where we can restrict explicit and adult content on iTunes, the App Store or on websites.

• Now, we only have to establish a password , which must be four digits, and that will be necessary to make any changes or to allow more time to use the screen.

It is necessary to remember, once again, that at the moment only the first beta version of iOS 12 is available, so there are still many details to be polished throughout the operating system , and especially in this new screen time option. If, like you, you have already installed the new version of the operating system, you will surely find many failures, but do not worry, with the passage of time and especially with the arrival of new updates we will see how everything starts to work to perfection.

Have you managed to set limits for the use of the screen of your children's devices thanks to the new functionality of iOS 12?

Via | idownloadblog

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