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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How to know if an iPhone headset is fake

Since Apple launched the first iPhone , it has always wanted to think about the users who were going to enjoy this fantastic mobile device. And not only because they have wanted to make the iPhone the best smartphone in the market, but also because they want everything around them to be of the same quality. A clear example are the Apple EarPods, which are included with the terminal, and that make us enjoy our music to the maximum , thanks to its enormous quality, in every way.

Unfortunately, the headphones do not have an infinite use , and they wear out and break down over time, which often requires replacing them. Depending on where you buy them, you can take some surprise, so today we will teach you, with some simple tricks, how to know if an iPhone headset is fake .

How to differentiate a fake Apple EarPods from an original

Differentiate a false Apple EarPods of originals, is not usually a very simple task , but if you look, one by one, in all the points that we will review below, you will be able to differentiate them without too much trouble.

• The letters R and L that indicate the position of the headphones, are light gray in the originals , while the copies are usually a much darker gray.

• The grid of the fake Earpods usually has a gray color, because of the blueness of the originals, and also has a worse finish than anyone can realize without too many complications.

• The original Apple EarPods cable has a very smooth finish, and does not hold the shape for many folds you make . Any fake or poor quality handset has a touch, sometimes even unpleasant, and hardly recovers the shape once we have folded or rolled it up.

• The original EarPods cable has the typical message that we can find on all Apple devices that say that the product has been designed in California and assembled in China. In any fake handset it will be difficult to find this message.

• The volume control buttons work perfectly and are easy to press, while in fake EarPods they are harder and it will be much harder to press them .

Finally, and once we test the headphones, we should distinguish some originals from false ones, by the sound quality of the bass. And is that the original EarPods come with an air chamber that improves the quality of bass sounds and that make, for example, any song sound infinitely better than in any earphone imitation of the originals.

Have you managed to learn how to differentiate some fake EarPods from originals with our tips?

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