iOS 12 includes and improves a feature that can literally save your life -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

iOS 12 includes and improves a feature that can literally save your life

Certain functions of our devices are designed with the hope that we will never have to use them, that they are simply an option that we often do not even realize exists. But at the time they are necessary, they are always available so that we can reach them in an easy and fast way. One of those functions, is the SOS Emergency mode of the iPhone , which is also present in other devices such as the Apple Watch.

This function, whose operation we explain in this article , allows users to launch an emergency notification to their favorite contacts, as well as call emergency services in the area. But with iOS 12, it will also serve to locate us quickly if necessary, sending the location to the operator with whom you are connected almost instantaneously, and in total security.

This service, which began to be introduced in the last update of iOS 11.3 , will serve to facilitate that emergency services can find users with a much shorter response time, something especially important in cases of seriousness. However, for now it will only work in the United States , since it is a function that must be activated on both sides. In countries like Spain, we have alternatives like AlertCops that work in a similar way.

Although, as we said at the beginning of this article, what we all hope is that we never have to use these characteristics, it is not bad to know that it exists. And although it is not active in many countries, which will probably be a matter of time , I'm sure it will come in handy for all those who have the opportunity to travel to the American country.

And you, did you know that there were such functions?

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