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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Is it really faster an iPhone X with iOS 12 than with iOS 11?

During the first conference of the event WWDC 2018, from Apple they assured that iOS 12 would offer a performance much greater than iOS 11 , and that basically it would be twice as fast.

Specifically, in the presentation of iOS 12 indicated that applications would open 40% faster, the keyboard would be 50% more fluid and the camera would open 70% faster .

It is true that the performance of iOS 12 has been multiplied by two, and this is something that will clearly be reflected in the battery life of the devices compatible with this version of the operating system. But how fast is iOS 12 compared to iOS 11?

iPhone X: speed test between iOS 11 and iOS 12
From Apple Insider have published a video with a very complete speed test between iOS 11 and iOS 12 on an iPhone X. The results are quite striking.

Interestingly, iOS 11 started a little faster than iOS 12 . But in the rest of the tests, iOS 12 was much faster than its previous version. The results of the GPU showed a 20% increase in performance in iOS 12 .

As for the opening of applications (and games), in fact in the video you can see how the vast majority of apps open seconds faster in iOS 12 than in iOS 11. Even with those apps that have been recently redesigned by Apple , such as Voice Notes or Apple Books.

It should be remembered that this is the first beta version of iOS 12 ... that is, it is not the most stable beta version we will see. And still, its performance is simply spectacular.

The truth is that it would have been much more interesting to see how iOS 12 performs in a device of previous generations , such as an iPhone 6 or iPhone SE, here we would really see if the performance affects, positively or negatively, the terminal.

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