Is it true that Apple is supporting Russia in its blockade of Telegram? -


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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Is it true that Apple is supporting Russia in its blockade of Telegram?

This past week we have been reporting on the sword of Damocles hanging on the Telegram application in Russia for iOS devices. Or those of Cupertino were folded to the demands of the Russian government, or the application would be removed from the App Store for that country permanently.

Now there is a curious tweet from the app itself on Twitter. In April, Telegram flatly refused to provide the Putin government with the keys to decipher the messages of users, trying to preserve the privacy of the same. Now accuses Apple of not being next to Telegram.

The why of this message

In the message, from Telegram stand out that since the ban of the Russian government that is in force since April, the Android app has received 4 updates , but has not received any for iOS. The message, at least, is revealing. But what would Apple gain from it? Maybe stay in the rear trying to be outside government controversies.

In any case, and despite the ban, the app is still used in the Eurasian country thanks to the VPNs, which manage to relocate the connection and locate it in another area of ​​the world . The Russian government has always shielded itself in security and prevented Telegram from becoming the refuge of extremists and terrorist groups, but of course, those affected are all users, from students to businessmen.

With 200 million active daily users, Telegram is revealed as the great alternative to WhatsApp , an application with more than 1.2 billion customers, although the former has been outlined as an app with a number of novel features that have been adopted by the users. of the app owned by Facebook.

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