Is Tim Cook acting as a diplomat for Trump to prevent Apple from paying more taxes? -


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Friday, 22 June 2018

Is Tim Cook acting as a diplomat for Trump to prevent Apple from paying more taxes?

The international relations of the United States are not going through their best moment. President Trump and his policies have generated new taxes on imported products and that some countries can record more severe tariffs on devices from the American country.

As a US company, this type of extra tax could hurt Apple . One of the key countries in this matter is China. Place where a great majority of the manzanero devices are assembled.

In the midst of this commercial war, it seems that the CEO of Apple has had a leading role . According to the New York Times, Tim Cook "has had to act as a diplomat in the technology industry."

Tim Cook struggles to avoid tariff increases to Apple
According to this information, the US administration promised that although they will increase tariffs to China, the iPhone would not be affected . Of course, the news does not clarify whether the promise not to harm the iPhone occurred in a meeting at the White House or at another time. Nor if it has been delivered to Cook by the president himself or by another person in the administration.

In addition, Tim Cook is a regular at meetings with the Chinese government. The CEO of Apple visited China in March, where he met with several senior officials in the government . These attempts by Apple to get along with the Chinese leadership have resulted in Foxconn employees nicknamed the company "Red Apple."

Apple's efforts with Tim Cook in the lead essentially focus on maintaining close relationships with governments and avoiding problems with international trade . China has become a very important country for Apple, both for manufacturing reasons and for market reasons.

We do not know how this commercial war will end and if it will end up affecting Apple and its devices. It would not be good news as prices could increase significantly and users would be the main losers . Although it could also make Apple sell much less.

Could the iPhone be even more expensive?

Via | The New York Times

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