It's official: according to the WHO playing too much Fortnite could be a mental disorder -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

It's official: according to the WHO playing too much Fortnite could be a mental disorder

Everyone knows that mobile devices can cause addiction . This fact is not a novelty, so that in the next version of the iOS 12 operating system that will be released in September, there is a "Time on screen" section, which allows us to visualize the use we make of both applications and the device. per se.

And we have very recently the case of a nine-year-old girl from the United Kingdom who, as we are informed in the middle 20 minutes , has entered a rehabilitation clinic due to the addiction to the fashion game that was launched in February, Fortnite . His teacher was the one who raised the alarm when observing troubling symptoms.

Cases like this have led the World Health Organization to declare the addiction to video games as a state of mental disorder, it would even be considered as a disease, in such a way that in some countries where there is no public health system it could be addressed by insurance companies .

The fact that many mobile devices can be easily hidden and transported anywhere, get people out of control can spend more time than recommended playing , so that the playful activity is prioritized to other things such as study, work or family. According to a doctor belonging to this body, three factors must be conjugated for this diagnosis:

The aforementioned prioritization of the game over other activities.
Recurring and persistent behavior towards the activity.
Deterioration of family and social relationships.
Therefore it is extremely important that minors under our care can practice these activities under the control of adults, limiting the time or favoring the practice as a family, never an isolated activity that could have serious consequences.

Via | 9to5mac

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