Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, will love the iPhone -


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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, will love the iPhone

The hermeticism of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea is well known, a country that since the 1950s has lived separately not only from its brothers in the south, but from the world in general. Governed in a socialist Juche way, they practice self-sufficiency and their destinies are ruled by Kim Jong Un since December 2011.

As we can imagine, the sanctions to which this state is subjected on an international basis have a lot to do with access to technology, well, in general to almost everything. Mobile phones and computers are rare in this place. Imagine something of the archenemy , something American and to boot, Apple.

However, they are used, not by ordinary citizens, but by government personnel and related to it . In fact the supreme leader himself has been photographed with a MacBook , as we were shown in the middle Merdeka, what is in itself a nonsense between what he preaches and what he really practices.

Access to these devices is impossible in the People's Republic itself, which is why North Koreans are used abroad, shipping addresses to other countries or purchase in the great ally of Korea, China. The objective is clear, to make cyber attacks like the one that took place in 2014 towards Sony Pictures . Korea is also suspected of the famous attack of 2017 and had great global impact, WannaCry .

And put to copy, the Korean state created its own own operating system with similarities to MacOS, being the name of this Red Star OS , which as they tell us from the BBC , has elements of this hermetic country, espionage.

As we can imagine in all this real movie, it is the contraband and the external networks to the legal ones of the own country that make possible the access to this technology. Accessible, of course, for an elite.

Via | idropnews

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