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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Let artificial intelligence touch up your photos with this app

Lately we are making many references to photography applications , and there is no doubt that the improvements in the camera of smartphones, makes developers to catch up on these apps , the improvements get easier and easier make it rounder.

And what we recommend this week is undoubtedly surprising, because it may not be an application to use as others, it uses artificial intelligence to get more out of the snapshots we take. We speak of Relonch Alfred, an amazing app, simple to use and that gives results, which is the most important thing.

What does Relonch Alfred do?

Correct the worst illuminated areas of a photograph, which is very usual given the speed with which we shoot on certain occasions . Or out of pure ignorance, like shooting with a light source behind the subject that leads us to see the soft background and the black face.

Relonch Alfred achieves, thanks to artificial intelligence and algorithms, that underexposed and overexposed areas are equalized, achieving a more uniform result without falling into artificiality . Then, of course, you have a simple control where you can make some adjustment to leave it more to your liking. What's more, it warns you if you have passed the control by slipping the control.

The truth is that it is to take into account, an application of the basic that never hurts and that works surprisingly well. In addition, it has the incentive to be free and has no added purchases or micropayments. If you like photography, download it without hesitation, to do some retouching in terms of light conditions, it is not bad.

Personally I have to say that the app has surprised me in a positive way , because it is effective and can lend a hand with those photos, which we all do, which have not finished quite well because they were not well lit. Even so, we invite you to review our tutorial to take advantage of the light in your photos.

 Relonch Alfred
Relonch Alfred
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