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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Memojis: the definitive proof that Samsung can not copy

With the presentation of iOS 12 , Apple has introduced a series of interesting features that will delight iPhone and iPad users.

First, the company has redesigned some of its native applications. But it has also launched new apps like Measure and has even adapted iPhone apps to the iPad screen. Secondly, Apple has improved Siri , has implemented the grouped notifications and a very pleasant surprise: they have launched their new Memojis .

Memojis are animated emojis , like the Animojis , which are fully customizable and can be used in both iMessage and FaceTime. They are based on facial recognition, and are Apple's high and clear response to Samsung's Emoji ARs .

Why are the Memojis better than the Emojis AR?
The iOS 12 Memojis have many things in common with the Samsung Emojis ARs. You can create a small avatar of yourself by choosing the color and shape of the hair, the color of the eyes, the appearance of the eyebrows, the tone of the skin and many other elements in a new special section of iMessage .

But Apple's Memojis have one thing that Samsung's Emoji ARs do not have ... style. Its design is practically unbeatable , they are based on the normal emojis of iOS, but with a very "cartoon" 3D look. As for the animated movements of facial recognition , they are an authentic past. I could spend hours talking about how wonderful your design is, but you'd better see it with your own eyes in the following video:

On the other hand, and finally , it is worth mentioning that Apple has also added four new Animojis in iOS 12 for iPhone X: a ghost, a koala, a tiger and a tyrannosaurus rex.

As it happened with the Animojis of the iPhone X, the Memojis will have a great social impact with iOS 12 . Probably much greater than in the case of the Emoji ARs. ** And, without a doubt, surely the Memojis will become fashionable! What do you think of these funny animated emojis? Do you think they are better than the Emojis AR?

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