Only 40 dollars, is it crazy to buy the Korean iPhone 3GS? -


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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Only 40 dollars, is it crazy to buy the Korean iPhone 3GS?

If we return to these dates, but the year 2009, it is impossible not to stop thinking about the iPhone 3GS , the natural evolution of the iPhone 3G and that brought some interesting developments . Although the design remained unchanged, it was already capable of recording video and had a storage option of 32 GB, which for the time seemed impossible to fill.

Nothing more and nothing less than 9 years later, the South Korean company SK Telink will begin to focus in full 2018 units of this device, new and sealed, at a scandal price, $ 40 , about 34 euros or about 830 Mexican pesos. Anyway, the rumors suggest that these units have been re-stamped and although they are in perfect condition, they may have been used. Come on, a full-fledged reconditioning process.

iPhone 3GS, what was back then

The iPhone 3GS, which I was lucky enough to enjoy, was a success. Its 3.5-inch screen, 256 MB of RAM and 3.2 MPX camera, stopped receiving support in September 2014 with iOS 8 . Even being a model in which you can not install many applications, although thinking about it, your native apps run perfectly. It is expected that it will be sold out in a few hours and that the company announces that the campaign has been a sales success.

Keep in mind that such an old iPhone is an excellent alternative as a second device for certain circumstances, or even to reuse it, as we tell you in this article . Undoubtedly, it is a great opportunity to access a device of this type at a great price , since the options that are the sites of purchase and sale reach stratospheric prices, if we talk about a sealed iPhone.

Surely many of our readers have some iPhone 3GS by some drawer , do you tell us your experiences?

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