Photography on iPhone for dummies (XV): The advantages -


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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Photography on iPhone for dummies (XV): The advantages

It was back in 2003 when I got my first camera phone . It was so basic that it was not integrated in the same device, but had to be coupled when you wanted to use it . However, after many years of evolution many times we do not appreciate or that we have in hand.

Because we have to admit it, we have reached very high quality standards in terms of mobile photography. We always say the same, we will never compare it with a SLR, it would not make any sense. However, if we are able to remember the photographs of that hot summer of 2003 and the ones we are already doing, there is an abyss.

What are the main advantages?

I always value the quality of your camera on a mobile phone. I have been using the iPhone for 10 years, but I am not oblivious to what other manufacturers are able to do. And to tell the truth, the level is quite high and what one does not get gives it another. What you have to try is to get the best possible match to what you have.

It is always with you, ready to be used at any time and providing a very remarkable quality . You just have to look at the number of photos and videos that we have now of any relevant event, since everyone is ready to shoot.

Mobile photography can get complicated everything you want. But for the average user, and using the native application, shooting in automatic mode is the easiest . And the photos usually go well, unless you make a cheeky backlight of a face or insist on photographing a full moon, which will never come out as in science books.

The power to share
Perhaps it is the highlight, social networks like Instagram are the perfect showcase to show them , or you can do it by any messaging app. From your iPhone to that of any person in just a moment.

Towards the complex
If your level of curiosity and experimentation goes further, you can visit the tutorials that populate the network, the tips that are given from the App Store or simply, launch yourself. Try installing an application with which you can touch many parameters and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

What are the advantages that you think it gives you to always have a good camera on top?

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