Revealed the launch of 4 new and expensive iPhone in 2018 -


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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Revealed the launch of 4 new and expensive iPhone in 2018

So far, everything seemed to indicate that Apple would present three new models of iPhone during this year 2018. In fact, all the rumors since January pointed to that it would be. But ... will we really have three new iPhones in 2018?

The answer is no. Finally, Apple will launch a total of four iPhone models to the market . And they will not be exactly cheap. We are talking about an iPhone 9, an iPhone 9 Plus, an iPhone SE 2 and a second generation iPhone X. Later we will go into details.

This information has been disclosed to Forbes by a source in Apple's supply chain . However, the launch of the four new models of iPhone will come with a series of problems quite uncomfortable for consumers ...

Prices will remain very high
The first problem, how could it be otherwise, is related to the price of new devices. We know that Apple will present at least one new iPhone with OLED screen, and its price will continue to be skyrocketing. Probably its base price oscillates between 989 and 1.089 euros in Spain. The iPhone SE 2 could be the only model available at a more affordable price, between 399 and 499 euros .

The iPhone SE 2 will not have a new design
There are many rumors that suggest that the iPhone SE 2 will have the same design as the iPhone X. At first we all expected that it would be a kind of "iPhone X Mini", like the iPhone 9 Plus would be an "iPhone X Plus" ... But the reality is that it will have a design very similar to the original model , with obviously renewed hardware .

Despite the disappointment due to the increase in prices due to new technologies applied in Apple's latest smartphones, consumers are very excited about the launch of the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus (possibly with the design of the iPhone X) , and with the more than likely arrival of an iPhone SE and a second generation iPhone X.

Source | Forbes

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